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Your contribution will help change the living conditions of the communities benefiting from our projects in Kenya. 

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Adopt at distance

The education system in Kenya, despite the introduction of free primary education in 2002, suffers from the lack of adequate government funding and the victims are teachers and students, often forced into dilapidated and overcrowded classes. It is precisely education that represents a fundamental challenge for the country (over 41% of the population is between 0 and 14 years old): 80,000 children leave school every year and end up in child labour or prostitution.
Our Foundation has launched a distance adoption programme, thanks to which today about 80 children attend school, receiving their right to education.
Adopting at distance means providing the child with his or her basic needs in the context in which he or she lives, while at the same time helping the family nucleus. The signing of a long-distance adoption involves a serious commitment, for which we ask for a certain continuity over the years, in the interest of the child himself, which is thus guaranteed:
  • School attendance
  • Healthcare coverage 
  • Food support 
A Kenyan boy or girl of school age, mainly from the rural villages of Jaribuni, Makombeni, Majoreni or Mwamose. The children who are selected for long-distance adoption are selected on the basis of specific criteria, following interviews with the project leader of the rural areas. Those who have absolutely no chance of being placed in school by their parents are selected. In parallel with the placement of the child in school, we raise parents' awareness of the importance of school education, family planning, disease prevention and assist mothers to carry out income-generating activities. When necessary, counselling is provided to both children and parents. Children and families are constantly monitored, we carry out home visits three times a year in each village and we go three times a year to each of the schools attended by children adopted at a distance.
Following a request to join the distance adoption program, a photo of the child and his or her story will be sent. You can establish a relationship with your child through letters or drawings, for greater reciprocal familiarity. Annually, the adoptee receives:
  • The child's school results to monitor their progress
  • An updated photograph to see him grow
  • Important news about him and his family
  • The Foundation's annual booklet containing updates on projects
  • The tax certificate with the statement of donations. 
The amount of donations is deductible from federal, cantonal and municipal taxes, as we are recognized as a charitable organization.
The annual amount is fixed at Chf 600.- or 540 €, payable in monthly, quarterly, semiannual rates or in a single annual payment.
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Become a Volunteer


We are always looking for people available for fundraising initiatives or to help our staff in organizing events and promoting awareness initiatives. 


Do you want to personally know the African reality? Do you have a project already defined, a great idea or simply something to teach our girls? Share your your teachings with them or your interests and in return you will receive a unique, touching and magical experience! 

If you are interested in our projects and would like to participate actively in them, please do not hesitate to contact us! Please read our instructions first. For each type of volunteering, a meeting with the Swiss NGO is necessary before departure in order to define together the aims of the trip and it is advisable to consult the information on volunteering on the website of Fosit (
Guests for short periods
Duration: Less than three months
Board and lodging: we offer board and lodging in our professional school Mama Lorenza's Vocational Centre at a discounted price, to be agreed with the NGO
Travel and insurance: to be paid by the participant
Training: a meeting with the Swiss NGO is necessary
The volunteer can spend time with the students and organize activities with them at the end of school hours, on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The activities will be planned with the Swiss NGO and the teaching staff of the Mama Lorenza's Vocational Centre. If the volunteer has an idea, something that he wants to transmit, it must be communicated before departure during the meeting with the Swiss NGO. Alternatively, there will be playful/recreational activities, gardening, kitchen help, school maintenance or more detailed instructions on site. It is possible to visit the Foundation's projects outside the Mama Lorenza's Vocational Centre, with trips paid for by the volunteers.
Duration: from 3 months upwards
Board and lodging: if internal to the school free of charge
Travel: to assess whether the volunteer or NGO should pay for it
Purpose: to be agreed with the NGO
Training: one or more meetings with the NGO necessary (to be assessed on a case by case basis)

All volunteers are expected to have decent behaviour and clothing throughout the period of volunteering, in line with local culture.


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