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In Kenya, despite the introduction of a free primary education initiative by President Kibaki (elected in 2002), only half of all out-of-school children enrolls in school; percentage that drops drastically when it comes to secondary school. Dilapidated facilities, lack of teaching materials, overcrowded classrooms, lack of teachers and staff not properly trained led to numerous problems that plague public schools. Although they are tuition-free, parents are not able to pay for uniforms and/or books, essential for access to primary education.

Our Foundation has started a sponsorship program thanks to which a hundred children have been given the right to education. Our wish is assuring this right to a growing number of children. To support us in this mission, we ask for your direct and practical help through the sponsorship signing.

For the best interests of the child himself/herself, the signing of sponsorship entails a serious commitment for which we ask a certain continuity over the years; he/she will thus be ensured school attendance (tuition, material, uniform), medical coverage and a regular and correct nutrition. For any type of school (nursery, primary or secondary school) the annual amount is KES 600.- also payable in quarterly or monthly installments. A boy/girl could be supported by more than one sponsor.

Each sponsor will receive the children’s school results annually and, on occasion, photos, letters and/or drawings made by them.

To join this initiative simply fill out the form below.

Please note that the amount of donations and sponsorships is deductible from federal, cantonal and municipal tax, as the Child to Child Foundation for Africa has been recognized as an entity of public utility.

Volunteer Work

Would you like to see the African reality with your own eyes? Do you already have a well-defined project, a majestic idea or simply something to teach to our children? Share with them your knowledge and your passions for and get back a unique, touching and magical experience!

If you are interested in our projects and want to actively participate, please contact us! Before doing so, please read some instructions:

  • Before leaving it is essential that you meet at least one member of the Foundation in order to clarify each other’s intentions and needs.
  • There no time limit for a collaboration.
  • Child to Child for Africa is a small foundation, so we can not afford to contribute towards the costs of your trip. If you are interested, we are happy to welcome you to our vocational school, providing you with room and board.
  • Keep in mind that April, August and December are scheduled school holidays and many kids return to their villages .
  • We recommend that you read the information on volunteering on the FOSIT website (available only in Italian) (
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