Projects in Kenya

  • In order to follow a logical continuation on the project in Waa, the foundation decided to build a vocational school for needy girls. For many of them, once finished primary and secondary school, due to the risk of being left entirely on their own, attending professional trainings in Mombasa was just inconceivable.

    This led to the need to have a professional school where they could take the necessary classes to obtain a diploma and continue the psychological support previously started.

    The realization of this dream took almost three years. The lessons started in January 2011, only then the Mama Lorenza Vocational Centre was eventually fully operational.

    On the 9th of June 2011, in the presence of the President of the Foundation Giorgio Noseda and local authorities, the opening ceremony took place.

    The school, designed by the Swiss architects Aurelio Galfetti and Carola Barchi, boasts classrooms for specific and general trainings, dormitories, a kitchen, library and staff rooms. The school offers sewing and hairdressing courses, as well as basic understanding of computer science and accounting.

    Part of the school ground was dedicated to the fruit and vegetables cultivation and chickens raising, as expected as livelihood activities.

    A dedicated salon, which is open to public, has been designed for the students to practice what they have learned during the hairdressing courses; those who take sewing lessons can tailor and sell their products in a small shop next to the salon.

    For the moment, this great project is fully supported by the foundation, but the plan is turning the school into an autonomous institution.

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